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Butcher Block

About the Role

Ludington Meat Company is seeking a skilled and customer-focused Butcher Block specialist to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a passion for delivering high-quality cuts of meat and providing exceptional service to our valued customers.


-Provide expert butchery services, including cutting, trimming, and preparing various cuts of meat to fulfill customer orders.
-Offer personalized recommendations and assistance to customers in selecting the perfect cuts of meat based on their preferences and cooking needs.
-Uphold stringent hygiene and safety standards when handling and processing meat products to ensure product integrity and food safety.
-Collaborate with the team to maintain an attractive and well-organized butcher block display, ensuring that products are presented effectively to drive sales.
-Monitor inventory levels of meat products at the butcher block and communicate with management regarding stock needs.


-Proven experience in butchery or a related field is preferred.
-Expertise in meat cutting and preparation techniques, including knowledge of various cuts, portion control, and presentation.
-Strong customer service skills with the ability to engage and assist customers in a friendly and professional manner.
-Familiarity with food safety regulations and the ability to uphold strict hygiene standards.
-Excellent teamwork and communication skills to work effectively with colleagues and management.

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